Tony Portillo

Yes, I'm a painter, musician, graphic artist and all-around creative guy. I've always modeled myself as a renaissance man thinking out of the box is what I do best and I am proud to say "I LOVE IT".

My heroes, are Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali on the wild side and Michelangelo, Alberto Vargas, Patrick Nagel, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O'keeffe because of their use of color and their knowledge of the Golden Mean. The Dieter Rams 10 principles are second nature to me when designing.

Growing up in San Francisco there was always something creative happening. I exceeded in all my art classes as far as I can remember. Even in college I remember thinking I couldn't get enough exposure to art as desired. The Airbrush came easy to me and I was able to create some of my best work and I continue to use it.

I moved to San Jose and progressed into drawing on the computer and now in a digital form. I'm referred to as a Visual Designer / Graphic Artist. Most of the work I do now is on a PC. I've never stopped painting creating about 4-5 commission painting a year. As of 2020 I live full time in the Central Coast (Paso Robles).

Throughout the years I've had diverse projects come my way from marketing material, CD packaging, corporate websites, corporate branding and much more. I take on any artistic challenge thrown my way. I work closely with the owner of each project to keep them on time and on budget. I have experience working with large and small budgets, on a local level as well as international productions.